Does Customizing a Resume Pay Off?

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Can candidates achieve better results by building their resume around an employer's particular "competitive market landscape"?

In a Guest Comment on eFC today, recruiter Alan Geller of financial services technology search firm AG Barrington urges candidates to "Load your resume for bear," by incorporating employer-specific and role-specific wording that:

- Precisely defines the prospective employer's competitive challenge that would be addressed by hiring you.

- Details your accomplishments using "hard" or tangible criteria such as sales or profit numbers, expertise in one or more well-defined, relevant areas, or relationships with buyers.

- Illustrates the possible return on investment the employer can expect from hiring you.

What do you think? Do you feel you're not getting as many interviews or offers as your background and skill-set would justify? If not, might your resume be part of the problem? Leave your comments below, and Alan will come in and respond to the more interesting posts.

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