Readers Debate MBA-CFA Link, Layoff Threat

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Degrees and professional credentials, and job insecurity amid the recent credit-market troubles, provided fodder for eFC readers' comments this week.

MBA, CFA Get Hitched

Our story about degree programs that incorporate large portions of the Chartered Financial Analyst curriculum reignited a smoldering feud among our more vocal readers regarding the value of a CFA charter - especially when weighed against an MBA or other graduate business degree.

"Any graduate degree from a recognized institution is more valuable than the CFA," wrote Hedgie, who works in hedge funds.

Esom, who works in derivatives and is both an MBA and a CFA holder, responded, "It really concerns me how people seem to get very defensive when the CFA charter is praised... Yes I agree, an MBA is a good qualification .... But in my field the CFA is more applicable and frankly speaking, it has opened more doors for me than the MBA."

Damon, who works in hedge funds, asserted that MFEs (Master of Financial Engineering) and Ph.D.s "soundly trump" both the MBA and the CFA credential. But the last word belongs to Malique in consulting, who wrote: "MBA,CFA,CAIA...The more the knowledge the better for you, the more doors it opens, the more competitive you become."

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Are layoffs coming to Wall Street?

Some eFC users fear for their jobs, as financial institutions grapple with the subprime mortgage mess and a steep drop in liquidity for many forms of high-risk credit.

"They told us today to expect layoffs within the next few weeks," wrote Becky, who works in leveraged finance at a bulge-bracket bank.

"I was laid off 2 months ago from ML in their Debt group.... Which firms are laying off?" asks an IT worker, using the handle "Biz Techie."

Joe, who works in operations at a major investment bank, says there is no new issuance "and the desks don't foresee any new deals coming. It's dead up here."

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