Readers Debate Degrees, Layoff Danger

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In our debates, users voiced opinions about the value of top-tier degrees and the threat of imminent layoffs on Wall Street.

Are layoffs coming to Wall Street?

Dave, who works in fixed income, wrote he just got a pink slip "and hiring looks terrible if you are going into fixed income/CMBS." That corroborates what we've heard from headhunters lately. But the majority still believe that jobs and hiring outside the fixed-income sphere will dodge the bullet.

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Do You Really Need an Ivy League Degree?

The most popular answer seems to be some variant of "Yes, but..."

"It depends on the field and the strength of your competition," wrote Damon, who works in trading. "I-Banking, consulting, and law tend to be more snobbish about where you went to school (with D.E. Shaw trending that way). Trading jobs tend to seek highly quantitative people who can graduate from pretty much anywhere."

A recent graduate of a top-20 program who works in consulting wrote, "In my view what matters is not where you went to school, but your ability to work with people... Values like respect for diverse points of view, understanding that the learning curve is endless, confidence in one's own abilities, effective communication and integrity go further in advancing your career than the name brand of your degree...."

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