Readers' Interview Discussion Turns to Designations

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Interviews and Asian MBA programs were hot topics among the eFinancialCareers community this week.

How to Face Interview Curve Balls

One of our stories on interview techniques saw a dust-up over the importance of the CFA designation, a guaranteed cup of gasoline to be thrown on the sparks of many a Wall Street discussion. One reader, with the Bondesque moniker "B," observed: "CFA is just one tool in the arsenal to compete for jobs.. having one may not help you but not having once can hurt you hurt you... kind of like an IVY MBA may mean nothing but it will get you in the door much faster at many an investment bank." Got a response? Add it here.

U.S. MBA Programs in Asia Draw Students From West

Our story about this odd educational circle - where U.S. and European students pursue an MBA through programs offered by American schools in Asia - continues to generate comments from the eFinancialCareers community. Interestingly, the conversation has expanded to include schools in Europe. Check it out here.

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