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Users continue to debate the importance of top-tier degrees and weigh in on the help team sports can give to a career.

Curing the 'Nowhere University' Syndrome

eFinancialCareers users continue to debate the value of degrees from top-tier versus second-tier schools. Will, who works in fixed income, wrote, "If you do not go to an Ivy League / top-tier MBA program, your chances for success are hampered. With that being said, it is not impossible to succeed. You just have to work twice as hard." Meanwhile, Zenmaster, who works in research, suggested the best way to get ahead had little to do with your degree and everything to do with online and offline networking skills. Tell us what you think here.

How Team Sports Advance Wall Street Careers

Mo, in compliance/legal, agrees "120%" with the idea team sports can give a powerful boost to Wall Street Careers. "Being part of a sport team teaches you team work, drive, how to achieve excellence on an individual level in order to achieve bigger goals on a larger team level. Team sports help people over come obstacle, give 120%, and when down on the floor to get up, wipe off and run again!"

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