Readers Weigh In on Bullying Bosses

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Articles on planning your move to the front office and coping with unreasonable bosses drew comments from readers this week. (Wall Street has unreasonable bosses?)

Eyeing the Front Office? Step One is to Prepare

Wall Street's well established pecking order makes it daunting for anyone to move from a support role to a front office department such as sales or trading.

Yoyo, who works in derivatives, said this week there's good reason for that. People from the middle office "are not creative on trading ideas and not problem solvers at all," yoyo commented to Scott Krady's story. "I am trading derivatives and I don't hire someone from middle office. My boss does not think the same way. Almost half of the desk is from middle office and most of them prove my thesis about creativity and problem solving skills."

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Use Facts to Deal with an Unreasonable Boss

Commenting on our advice article, ANGRYONE, who works in accounting, wrote in this week to ask, "How should you deal with a boss that you go in to see because of a grievance and all he does is shout at you? Is that a way to deal with his staff?"

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