Readers Chime In on Interview Curve Balls

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Stories about tough interview questions and hair coloring for men stirred eFC users to pound their keyboards this week.

How to Face Interview Curve Balls

A user disputed this article's recommendation to give "a fragmentary answer" if you find yourself stumped by an interviewer's question. "Rather than admit ignorance, give a poor answer?" wrote j desmond, who works in accounting. "How about answering with a question to clarify what the interviewer is looking for? If the question is really too hard to answer, maybe you're looking in the wrong place for a job - or should have better prepared for the interview beforehand."

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Gray Matters: Hiding it Can Hurt a Man's Prospects

Meanwhile, a couple of readers scoffed at the very notion of our story focused on couture or grooming. "Hugo Boss? Botox? What is this, vanity fair?" wrote gervase, who works in hedge funds."Who would shop at Hugo Boss, what type of suggestion is that?" wrote tk, who works in capital markets.

He must moonlight for Zegna. But, seriously, we posted the story because we'd heard people talking about how men sometimes present themselves. Add your two cents here.

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