Readers Debate Asia MBA Schools, Demise of Analysts

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News items about U.S. universities' Asia MBA programs, and traditional equity analysts being replaced by computer models, were a magnet for eFC users' opinions this week.

U.S. MBA Programs in Asia Draw Students From West

Like nationality or religion, the business school a person attended is an indelible feature of his identity. So it's no surprise that our item about MBA aspirants who "commute" to Hong Kong and Singapore to attend classes inspired some passion.

A few readers hailed Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, widely known as HKUST, as the top finance school in Asia. Others debated the status of France's Insead business degree program in Singapore. JoshK, who works in investment banking, wrote: "Asia 'Ivy' League - CEIBS, Hong Kong UST, Insead - Singapore. That's all you need to look at if interested in studying in Asia." Add your thoughts here.

Will Fundamental Equity Analysts Become Extinct?

First it was assembly-line workers getting replaced by robots. Journalists were next. Now it's equity analysts, according to some media reports. Welcome to Player Piano, the 1952 novel by the recently deceased Kurt Vonnegut.

Bob, who works in equities, isn't buying it. "This is simply hilarious," he commented about our news item in which quant experts proclaimed the demise of fundamental analysts. "Will these guys ever realize that models are simply models (based on assumptions that never hold in reality) and that valuing a business is very far from being a science? Stupidity catches too much attention..." What's your take? Add your two cents here.

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