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Readers Comment on Islamic Finance, Psych Tests

Two of our older stories - one dealing with Islamic banking, another with personality testing of job applicants - popped up on eFC users' comment screens this week.

Sharia Banking Products Set to Rise

This story about growth in Islamic finance by Sara Butcher from Nov. 10, 2005, was noticed this week by Karim Chowdhury, who works in information technology.

"Given that it's now the middle of 2007; Islamic banking is growing incredibly rapidly," he wrote. "What I find astonishing is that there seems to be a lack of jobs that are well advertised given the growth. I work in Credit Risk IT and am a qualified Barrister at Law and would appreciate anyone pointing me in the direction to look for roles in Islamic Banking." You can advise him, or post your related thoughts, here.

Psychological Testing: A Primer for Job Applicants

Peter H, an eFC reader who works in HR and recruitment, urged candidates to boycott the personality tests that we dissected in this story published on April 30. In an extended comment this week, he wrote, "Tests in large part don't work...Employment is a two way street--JUST SAY NO and put the idiots selling these useless tests out of business. If I want to test someone, I do a drug screen, background check, and check their credit. It works like a charm and I've hired a lot more people than I've had to fire... Show your integrity and stature by having a spine in the interview--if you're as good as you say you are--they'll find a way to bypass the test."

What do you think? Add your comments here.

Of course, you can comment on any of our stories. Just post your throughts in the area immediately following each item. Or, write us at We'd love to hear from you.

AUTHOReFinancialCareers News Insider Comment
  • Li
    Lisa M
    6 July 2007

    I don't consider these tests as intrusive; however, I do consider those HR recruiters that use such tests to be lazy and incapable of truly making sound, wise, hiring decisions.

    The best HR people I have encountered were those that knew the heads of the various departments within their company in which candidates were being sought. These HR people took the time to learn about the management styles, the experience, the personalities, etc. of each of the department heads to gauge what kind of employee would succeed in each group and what type of person would fail to work well under certain managers. They then would use that knowledge in the course of interviewing candidates to determine who should move onto the next stage in the interview process.

    I have spoken with HR people who knew nothing about the position, its requirements, the required experience, the department in which the candidate would work, the management of that department, nor anything about what made other employees in a similar position in that department successful in their jobs.

    Tests get used to make an HR/recruiters s easier allowing them to find candidates that fit into a pre-determined mold.

  • Mo
    6 July 2007

    The issue that the new called Islamic finance is still interested diverted in hedge to give the impression that no interested is being paid. It's misunderstanding of the concepts of interested in Islam by scholars in the first place!

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