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Fresh Opinions About CFA

The recent legal threat to CFA exams in India - which are now back on track for June 3 - drew a fresh string of comments from our users. So did our item standing out in an interview. Read more - and add your comments - here.

CFA Exams in India Face Cancellation

(Update: Not!) The possibility that CFA candidates might not be able to take this month's exams in India sparked a xenophobic comment from one reader (presumably American), which brought rebuttals from others. The last word thus far was supplied by BV, who works in Quantitative Analytics: "It's about education and merit....not about nationalities. The meritorious don't have to worry about either - dilution of the trademark or their capabilities!!"

The question of exam cancellation may have become moot. The CFA Institute's latest update reports that the Delhi High Court set aside an earlier ruling by an Indian education regulator, clearing the way for the exams to take place as scheduled on June 3. But the debate's not over. Add your thoughts here.

Meanwhile, the CFA versus MBA question continued to attract new comments this week - including a notable three-part comment by NR, a hiring manager who works in Research.

Standing Out in the First Five Minutes

Response to Myra Thomas' ace-the-interview primer actually focused on a post-interview pointer that concluded the story: the value of a thank-you note. Most comments endorsed saying thank you, but in a professional way, in contrast to the story's insistence on a hand-written note. Post your view here.

Of course, you can comment on any of our stories. Just post your throughts in the area immediately following each item. Or, write us at We'd love to hear from you.

AUTHOReFinancialCareers News Insider Comment
  • Te
    Ted Rogers
    30 July 2009

    Get a CFA!

  • CF
    CFA 1, MBA 0
    17 February 2009

    In reading these comments, one thing is clear - MBA proponents have a hefty dose of pomposity on their side. Overcompensating for feelings of inferiority? I'm an actuary pursuing the CFA credential, and I can say with conviction that the body of CFA exams rivals the rigor of the actuarial curriculum. The body of actuarial exams is a similar self-study system (that, yes, even a taxi driver can participate in, Hedgie), and it produces FSAs who can think circles around any MBA.

    Perhaps the MBA programs popping up on every corner should include a few courses on manners or professionalism, or require some community service before stamping out the credential. As one can't throw a dart without hitting an MBA these days, I think that may do us all some good.

  • no
    non-MBA and proud
    19 July 2007

    Hedgie$$ has it wrong, not everyone can get a CFA. First you need to pass all three exams (not as easy as H has implied). Next, you need 48 months of RELEVANT work experience before you have the opportunity to get the charter. You can't get the CFA charter by driving a cab or even working in advertising (a more white-collar profession).

    In fact, it's much easier to succeed in an easy major at an Ivy-league undergrad with grade inflation then work at some dip--- firm and claim a sob story to get into a good business school. If Bush Jr. can get an MBA from Harvard, you KNOW this degree is OVERVALUED (has he succeeded once other than getting elected?)

  • sa
    20 June 2007

    i am quite surprised how indian court decided to stop the exam if they want to act like this they should also stop all twinning programs student going out of the country to study i dont understand we talk of globalisation and then we deprive students thier right of choice
    i seriously feel this is a very unreasonale step to deprive students of sitting for exam for which they have been preparing and have got thier hopes on it for good future its not u deprive of the exam but choice of career and a future thats all

  • ac
    ac counting on CFA
    7 June 2007

    Does anyone have any experience with how much of a boost top MBA programs give for candidates for progress/completion of the CFA in admissions?

    How would some of you rate the chances of someone with 3 completed CFA exams and an MBA of landing a position in equity research with little or no relevant investment job experience?

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