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Partisans of rival Asia-based MBA programs duked it out on eFC comment boards this week, and our interview with a Wall Street diversity chief drew attention, as well.

U.S. MBA Programs in Asia Draw Students From West

The relative merits of Asia's top MBA schools continue to fuel debate among eFC users. Two readers forcefully disputed a CEIBS MBA student's characterization of Shanghai-based CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) as "clearly the best business school in Asia."

One respondent, using the handle, To-anonymous- GET YOUR FACTS straight, wrote: "Faculty list for CEIBS, I do not see many, if any Ivy educated PhDs. University of Birmingham, Michigan State, Wollongong, where the heck is that? Definitely not impressive." (University of Wollongong is in Australia, a later commenter pointed out.) Add your thoughts here.

Q&A: Patricia David On Diversity At Citigroup's Investment Bank

This interview published on May 26, 2006, drew fire from "dfc," who works in quantitative analytics and says she's sought interviews at Citigroup without success "for more than 10 years."

"Diverse workforce is great - now when do I get an interview and a job at Citigroup?", dfc wrote.

Ly, who works in investment banking, responded in part, "If you haven't gotten a job, maybe ... you should look for other avenues in which to express your own talent. Citigroup doesn't hire every talented person. And just because you have certain credentials that you feel are sufficient doesn't mean you will get the job. Keep up the search, you'll find your niche." Add your comments here.

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