Readers Weigh the Merits of Jumping Ship

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Changing employers to reunite with a former boss can be either rewarding or fraught with pitfalls. For one reader, it was mostly the latter. The same can be said of dealing with external recruiters.

Your Boss is Going - Do You Follow?

"The compensation was better but the opportunity wasn't," wrote Todd, who works in risk management and was recruited by his former supervisor. "It was also a lengthy commute to an economically-depressed area. I will be much more careful next time." Have you faced a similar choice? Add your comment here.

Fine-Tune Your Recruiter Connections

Response to our earlier stories about working with recruiters (see here

and here) prompted us to expand on the topic by listing some do's and don'ts for candidates, and correcting a misconception that a few readers seemed to have. Share your experiences here.

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