Passionate Voices in MBA-CFA Debate

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There's no shortage of opinions when it comes to an MBAs versus a CFA., or on how to approach psychological testing.

CFA or MBA: Which is right for you?

It's good, it's bad and it's even a little ugly as eFinancialCareers users continue to weigh in on the relative value of an MBA versus a CFA designation. In addition to some useful thoughts, the comments show the intensity many people have toward one or the other - or both. Add your two cents - or more - here.

Psychological Testing: A Primer for Job Applicants

Jon Jacobs' story on psychological testing also has garnered attention. Among the comments was this from Jordan, who works in asset management: "I am sure in firms that use these tests you still have people who are bad managers or who do not do well in the job. I would happily be an advocate of the personality test to filter out micromanagers and bad communicators." Post your thoughts in testing here.

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