No Shortage of Opinions on Employer 'Pickiness'

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Our story on why so many positions remain open for so long generated a wave of comments from eFC users. Join the discussion here.

Are Employers Too Picky?

It takes months to fill an opening, hiring managers lament. It takes months to land a job, applicants complain. If both sides want speed, what's taking so long?

"Employers should focus less on whether someone as a specific skill set and more on whether the candidate has the intellectual horsepower to learn the skills that are required," wrote one user. "Only employers can bridge the structural unemployement gap by focusing their recruiting efforts on PEOPLE as opposed to SKILL SETS." On the other hand, "a lot of hiring managers have gotten burned by hiring someone with good interviewing skills but no follow through," another believes. "This might be the reason they are so hesitant to hire someone who has not specifically executed the job they are looking for."

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So You Want To Be A Wall Street Programmer

The financial industry is a big playing field. As domains go, the type of specific work varies greatly, and what is applicable to some IT professionals may not be applicable to others. Our primer on the IT landscape resulted in comments about necessary tech skills and the hazards of working for small firms. Check them out, and make your own thoughts known, here.

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