More Heat Over Degrees; Flextime on Deck?

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The value of a lower-tier MBA degree and the CFA versus MBA debate continue to generate pointed comments from readers. The potential downside of "work-life balance" might turn into the next flashpoint.

The Career Impact of Work-Life Balance

While employers increasingly try to paint themselves as worker-friendly by touting choices like telecommuting and job sharing, Suzanne Barlyn found that the jury is still out on whether such non-traditional options will stunt your career growth. Add your thoughts here.

Temperatures Go On Rising Over "Degrees"

Jon Jacobs' parsing of the upside and downside of an MBA degree from an institution not in the top tier, has added a new dimension to the ongoing fierce debate among our readers over the relative value of the CFA designation versus an MBA. "An MBA wasn't a waste of time for me, but it simply brought me from C level jobs to B level jobs," wrote Clark, who works in asset management. "The A level isn't remotely possible since I'm not out of their traditional 'pipeline' of sourcing the analysts from certain MBA schools." Post your comments here.

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