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More Heat Over Degrees; Flextime on Deck?

The value of a lower-tier MBA degree and the CFA versus MBA debate continue to generate pointed comments from readers. The potential downside of "work-life balance" might turn into the next flashpoint.

The Career Impact of Work-Life Balance

While employers increasingly try to paint themselves as worker-friendly by touting choices like telecommuting and job sharing, Suzanne Barlyn found that the jury is still out on whether such non-traditional options will stunt your career growth. Add your thoughts here.

Temperatures Go On Rising Over "Degrees"

Jon Jacobs' parsing of the upside and downside of an MBA degree from an institution not in the top tier, has added a new dimension to the ongoing fierce debate among our readers over the relative value of the CFA designation versus an MBA. "An MBA wasn't a waste of time for me, but it simply brought me from C level jobs to B level jobs," wrote Clark, who works in asset management. "The A level isn't remotely possible since I'm not out of their traditional 'pipeline' of sourcing the analysts from certain MBA schools." Post your comments here.

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AUTHOReFinancialCareers News Insider Comment
  • MB
    MBA & CFA
    11 May 2009

    This comment is for RealDealHedgie - I am currently studying the EMBA at CASS (in London) which is actually ranked 13th Globally and as long as you attain an MBA from the top 20 or 50 schools globally then you are doing well. Also the CFA is still regarded by many within Finance as a pre-requisite to get into the top jobs within the Front Office.

    Lastly Maths actually originated in India & Algebra in the Middle East - the West caught on way later so please don't diss the East because that is where it all came from;)

  • Ma
    Martin, MBA
    14 February 2008

    I am going to school in Southern California (Pepperdine) for my MBA and there are tons of finance companies consistently recruiting for VC, IB, PE, & asset management here. We also get sponsored to take CFA exam for free!

  • An
    Andrew, M&A Advisory
    29 May 2007

    The CFA is recognized globally and becoming essential for certain financial positions, for example certain VC firms and hedge funds won't seriously consider you without it. I have an MBA from Stern and it's been well worth it. Good luck, A

  • Vi
    29 May 2007

    I don't know about the value of a CFA but I don't know why people even consider going to a school outside the top ten. Personally, I wouldn't go to any school other than Stanford of HBS. Maybe Wharton, Kellogg, MIT, Chicago or Tuck if I got free money.

  • Re
    29 May 2007

    Anthony,Consulting what are you smoking pal?

    CFA has lost its shine few years ago when thousands of Indians/Chinese and failed daytraders took it up...

    It is no longer what it used to be 10 years ago, these days everybody and their children have a CFA or are pursuing it.

    Here is my advice on life. If you want a designation thats interesting and valuable for the future go after the CAIA. If you have $/time for an MBA and can not get into the top 10 schools in the US nor LBS/INSEAD, try to get into a top MBA in Asia, thats where the growth is and will continue to be. The best Finance focused program there is the Hong Kong UST Business school.

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