Five Steps to A Standout Resume

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Before you land an interview, you'll need to make sure you've got one of your job-hunting tools honed to a razor's edge: your resume.

Sure, you know your resume has to present your skills and work experience in the strongest possible way. And, you probably know most resumes get a first read that is, at best, quick. But when you consider that most hiring managers make their decision about a candidate within five minutes of beginning an interview, you may come to agree with Brian Smith, regional manager for the Los Angeles office of AccountPros, when he says your resume had better be a stunner.

Smith suggests your resume addresses these key issues:

Highlight Core Competencies

Make sure your resume clarifies your core competencies and main job qualifications. If you're working through Human Resources, and not with a hiring manager who may have a more direct understanding of a specific job, be sure the skills in your resume sync up with the requirements for the new position. In such cases, your audience is the HR person who is screening the resume, for whom you want to make sure your skills are presented clearly.

Use the Right Language

Use the lingo of the specialty you're applying for - and use it correctly. Make it obvious you understand the company you're talking to and the industry and profession you'll be working in.

Make it Active

Make sure the resume's language is active, and that it conveys your excitement about the job specifically, and the field in general. Employers key in on generic resumes sent out to many companies at once. Each resume you submit should be tailored to the company you're sending it to.

Format Counts

Use appropriate formatting and the right style for your resume. If you're unsure, check examples in reference books, consult a colleague or talk to the appropriate professional association.

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