Users Weigh In on CFA/MBA, Minority Retention

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Our story comparing the CFA designation to the more traditional MBA has touched off quite a discussion. Care to join in?

CFA or MBA: Which is right for you?

So far In 2007, 140,000 people from 156 countries have registered to sit for the three exam that determine, in part, whether you're permitted to tag those three letters at the end of their signature. Almost as soon as I posted it, people began to weigh in. Add your comments here.

Minority Retention Requires Real Change, Group Says

Our story on minority retention has also attracted a lot of attention since we posted it two weeks ago. For all the talk of diversity on Wall Street, people of color tend to look toward the door at certain points in their career - nudged by a pattern of events that may hold clues to more effective retention efforts. There's no shortage of opinion on this topic, either. Check it out, and add your thoughts, here.

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