MBA, CFA Discussion Dominates Debate

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Our article on MBAs and CFAs has spurred observations on everything from degree requirements to the importance of soft skills.

Some highlights:

"Both degrees are useful. Being aware of where you truly are in your career and avoiding steps that will land you in places you don't want to go (several people have mentioned the middle office), will help you determine exactly what you need to do to keep moving (CFA vs. MBA, or both). Awareness of what your ambitions really are, and learning about the skills developed by each degree - not a formula or a tradition - will help you make the right decision."

"On the MBA v CFA question, while I respect those with MBA's, you have to place a high degree of value on those people who make the commitment to study, on their own time, particularly those who hold full time 'professional' jobs as well. If all I had to do with my time was go to class and be lectured by Ivy League professors that would be a piece of cake."

"MBA is good for those sales people on wall street willing to sell anything to retire as early as possible. The CFA on the other hand has way more top investors working to make people money and not money with people. Look at Buffett; he dropped out of his MBA program because he felt it wasn't serving his career as an investment manager. If you are serious about investing, forget about the MBA and start studying for the CFA and read as many 10-Ks as you can..."

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