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For all the talk of diversity on Wall Street, people of color tend to look toward the door at certain points in their career - nudged by a pattern of events that may hold clues to more effective retention efforts. Can Wall Street break the pattern?

Not according our commentators: "Change won't happen... The culture is so ingrained versus women and minorities getting access to power and money that it isn't worth it to try."

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After fielding too many cold calls from headhunters, some cynics might argue it's not so much "how to choose a recruiter," as "how to avoid being chosen." But that's just the cynics. There's no doubt that if you want to change jobs, it helps to be proactive. So how do you choose?

"What this article fails to mention is the abundance of fraudulent recruiters on many job posting Web sites," says one user, while another points out entry level candidates "are forced to apply to all the recruiters, no matter how good or bad."

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