Executives Look For Resume Follow-Ups

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A survey by recruiting firm Robert Half International found that 37 percent of executives believe job-seekers should follow up within one week, and 45 percent think candidates should follow up within two weeks. Only 5 percent said job-seekers shouldn't follow up at all.

Most executives said e-mail was the best way to reach out to them, while 33 percent preferred a telephone call. Twenty three percent thought a hand-written note was the most effective tactic.

"Employers value initiative and enthusiasm, and thoughtful post-resume communication underscores these traits," said Max Messmer, Robert Half Internationals' chairman and CEO. However, Messmer believes the method for contacting a prospective employer is less important than the message itself: "Job seekers should demonstrate their knowledge of the company while reinforcing their qualifications and sincere interest in the position," he says. "This extra step can give professionals a significant advantage over less-proactive candidates."