Lindquist Takes Team From CSAM to HSBC

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Richard Lindquist and six members of his high yield bond team are leaving Credit Suisse Asset Management to join HSBC's asset management unit.

Lindquist, who has 21 years of high yield experience, joins as managing director of HSBC Halbis Partners, a specialised investment business HSBC is creating.

At CSAM, Lindquist was a managing director and head of that firm's high-yield bond team.

Based in New York, Lindquist will report to Gregg Diliberto, global head of fixed income.

The team to be managed by Lindquist will be created by six additional hires from CSAM with considerable experience in US high yield.

Misia Dudley, Philip Schantz, Mary Ann Thomas and John Tobin will join as senior vice presidents. John Dessauer and Michael Dugan will join as vice presidents.

Prior to joining Credit Suisse, Lindquist held positions with the Prudential Insurance Company of America and T. Rowe Price.

HSBC Halbis Partners will focus on delivering value-added performance in areas including fixed income, emerging markets equities, European equities and some alternative strategies. It will have investment professionals based in London, New York, Paris and Hong Kong.

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