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The bank has also supplied the following information:

Which divisions of the bank hire graduates?

Equities, Fixed Income Rates and Currencies, Investment Banking, IT, Operations, Human Resources, Global Asset Management, and Wealth Management.

How much are graduates paid during training? Do you provide subsidized housing and other perks?

30,000 - 35,000.

Do you guarantee a job upon completion of the programme? Alternatively, are graduates hired on a renewable contract, eg for two years?

Offers are full-time.

Where does training take place?

London or New York.

How long does it take someone to complete your training programme?

The training programme takes 5-7 weeks, full time.

Can trainees move between departments?


What if a graduate trainee wants to do an MBA or MSc in a few years' time? Might the bank provide sponsorship?

Requests are dealt with on a case by case basis.

How should candidates apply?

Via the web at:

When should graduates apply?

The application form will be available from September 2004. The application deadline for the 2005 programme has not been confirmed yet, but it is likely to be mid-November 2004.

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