The 15 highest paid accounting in finance jobs globally

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If you work in accounting in financial services and have ambitions to earn as much money as possible, head to New York. Following that, go to Asia. London, it seems, is  behind the pack.

Outside of the executive suite - namely chief financial officers and audit chiefs and the like - New York offers the best salaries to accountants with up to ten years of post-qualification experience. Financial controllers and product controllers in investment banking are the top of the pile - with top salaries of $370k and $270k respectively.

Accountants working in financial services jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong also bring in hefty salaries compared to their counterparts in Europe, according to analysis of hundreds of accounting job titles in the 2016 Robert Walters Salary Survey.

In London, no single role in accounting stands out as paying especially well compared to other parts of the world. However, what the City does offer is a broader range of high-paying jobs. The three jobs selected below are the highest paying, but London offers more accounting jobs that pay over six figures than any other financial centre. Only a select band of jobs pay a similar amount in Singapore and Hong Kong

Regulatory accountants, management accountants, product control and internal audit are among the most high-paying accounting jobs, spurred by ongoing demand and a shortage of experienced candidates.

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