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What is the CFI Financial Modeling Competition – World Case Championships?

A unique learning opportunity for finance students and working professionals to become the Financial Modeling Competition World Champion. 

Founded in 2018 by financial industry executives in partnership with Corporate Finance Institute®, the CFI Financial Modeling Competition is a project-based challenge where participants combine financial theory and practical knowledge to create a fully functioning financial model of a company and present their results.

This competition is a prime opportunity to showcase financial expertise and knowledge while gaining international credibility.

This Competition is more than just a chance to win a cash prize

Yes, this competition has significant cash prizes and yes, hard work should be rewarded, but the reward for the competition is more than just a cash prize...

This Financial Modeling Competition can Increase Professional Opportunities

We have all been asked the daunting question

  • “what relevant experience do you have?”

And for many industry newcomers, the response is

  • “How can I get experience if nobody is willing to give me a chance?”

Qualified graduates are at record high numbers and constant upskilling means there is an ongoing battle to actively stay ahead of peers. Fortunately, the CFI Financial Modeling Competition – World Case Championships is a premier way for financial analysts across the globe to test their skills and an excellent opportunity to add a real-world financial model to their portfolio.

This Financial Modeling Competition runs on a Global Ranking Level

Being an international competition, all participants have the chance to represent their country as one of the top financial analysts in the world.

Additionally, the top 20 winners will have their profiles featured on the Financial Modeling Competition website and shared within the Global Corporate Finance Society.

How a once-off financial modeling competition can make the difference

Even if you don’t win one of the top 3 cash prizes, you can be sure that participating will give key experience and provide an opportunity to hone your financial skill set.

For example, a couple of benefits noted by previous participants include: 

  1. Increased recruitment opportunities: Past finalists have been contacted by elite firms.
  2. Reinforced skill development: Boost both theoretical and practical finance skills.
  3. Real-world experience: Get experience working on a case study built off real-world situations.   

How is the Financial Modeling Competition Structured?

To create the most authentic experience for all involved, participants are given a “real-world” simulation and are asked to put themselves in the shoes of an employee at a private equity firm.


The competition begins in November every year and over the course of a week, participants must work to build a financial model and create a pitch that outlines to management why they should or should not partake in a business transaction.

Judging Criteria

Each and every financial model is marked out of 100 and assessed by a team of highly skilled financial analysts using a two-part grading system.

Part 1

  • Marks are offered based on the number of correct responses given for each question provided in the case.

Part 2

  • Marks are subjective to the judge's opinions and based on presentation quality, the extent of analysis, and the use of best practices.

Can Anyone Participate?

The Financial Modeling Competition is open to all and can be entered as an individual or as part of a team.

How to Get a Head Start

The easiest way to prepare for this competition is by reviewing competition case studies from previous years. These are available in depth on the Financial Modeling Competition website. Additionally, completing CFI’s Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)® certification is a great way to get training in accounting, finance, financial modeling, presentations, and strategy.

Who Sponsors the Financial Modeling Competition?

Previous competition sponsors have included Yellow Point Equity Partners, S&P Capital IQ, and PitchBook Data. The official partner of the Financial Modeling Competition is Corporate Finance Institute (CFI).

About CFI - Official Competition Partner

Corporate Finance Institute is a leading global provider of financial analyst training and certification programs. Incorporated in 2016 as a joint venture with MDA Training, CFI’s programs and competitions are designed to help anyone become a world-class financial analyst.

What are you Waiting for?

The competition has been designed in a way that allows participants to showcase their skills and hidden potential to employers. No other financial modeling competition will provide a more realistic opportunity to collect genuine industry experience or the chance to implement theoretical and practical financial skills.

If you’re looking to compete in one of the most rewarding financial modeling competitions in the world, we want to hear from you. Learn more at



AUTHORGlobal Corporate Finance Society

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.