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Every single question you're likely to be asked at a JPMorgan interview

You have a job interview with JPMorgan. Congratulations. Now it's time to get to work. 

Before you venture into an interview with the bank you need to familiarize yourself with what you might be asked. To facilitate this, we have listed every single publicly recorded JPMorgan interview question from recent history below. If you don't know exactly why you're applying for that job, can't value a company with your eyes shut (if you're applying to IBD) and don't know what happened in the market yesterday (if you're applying in S&T), don't bother. Similarly, if you're applying for a junior tech job, questions about programming languages always seem to come up and you'd be foolish not to be prepared.

Fit questions from JPMorgan interviews

Walk us through your resume.

Tell us about yourself.

Why do you think you would be a good fit at JPMorgan?

What do you see yourself as in the next 2 years?

Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?

Tell us about a situation where you had to use your communication skills.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

If you could be any animal, which would you be?

Why should we hire you?

What are your hobbies and passions?

How do you handle stress?

What are some of your future goals?

What is your biggest achievement?

What did you learn from your last job?

Tell me about your current job/role and why do you want to change?

Competency questions from JPMorgan interviews

Give me an example of how you’ve handled a people conflict?

How would you deal with stubborn or difficult clients?

Tell me about a time you had to work with others.

Tell us about a time you led a team.

Tell me about a time when you had to manage a difficult relationship with a teammate?

Tell me about a time you had to stand up for what you believe in.

Describe a time when your showed honesty and integrity.

Describe a situation when you worked with others on a project and your teammates disagreed with your ideas. How did you respond? What were some of your (collective) challenges and how did you resolve them?

Describe a project you previously worked on with a team. What made the team successful?

How would you coach someone else on building trust?

Describe a time you took a risk.

How do you present complicated information to a group of people?

Tell me about a time when you had to communicate complex ideas with peers outside of your field. How did you do it?

Describe a time that you had to come up with a creative solution.

What are the biggest challenges facing the financial services industry in the next five years?

Tell me about a time when you had a positive impact on a project. How did you measure your success?

Describe a task that really tested your analytical abilities.

Tell me about a time when you were confused about details of a request. What steps did you take to clarify things?

How do you prioritize tasks and projects when scheduling your time? Give some examples.

Have you ever had a project not go according to plan? What happened? What did you do to get it back on track?

Describe a time when you received difficult feedback. How did you respond?

Describe an experience with creating a presentation for school, internships or volunteer activities. How did you know your presentation was successful?

What are a few of your key considerations when creating a presentation?

How do you prepare yourself for an informal and/or formal presentation?

Questions about JPMorgan and the job

What's your ideal company?

What attracted you to this company?

What is our stock price trading at right now?

Why JPMorgan?

What do you know about JPMorgan?

What do you know about the role you are applying for?

Why are you interested in this role / position / team at JPMorgan?

What distinguishes JPMorgan from its competitors?

Why banking?

What do you think this job will entail exactly?

Bankers work hard. How would you handle that?

Why has JPMorgan been in the news recently?

What are the biggest regulatory threats faced by JPMorgan?

What was JPMorgan's price/earnings ratio in the past quarter?

Where do you see the banking industry in 50 years' time?

Markets questions from JPMorgan interviews

Tell us about a news headline which interested you and has affected the markets.

What is a recent trend in the market that has caught your interest?

What is your take on the current market dynamics?

Explain VaR to us.

Pitch us a stock.

What is the current macroeconomic environment?

What is vlookup vs hlookup functionality?

What's the connection between interest rates and equity prices?

What are the three top stocks to buy now? Why?

Can you describe how swaps work?

Where do you see the interest rate on US 10 year treasury bonds going?

A natural disaster occurs in Manhattan. What impact does this have on markets?

Where did the oil price close yesterday?

How would you invest $1m?

What impact do interest rates have on a country's exchange rate?

Which are the most important/interesting subjects within FX markets at the moment?

Where's the S&P trading?

What is the current yield on a 10 yr Treasury bond?

Draw me a call option.

Describe how an interest rate put and call work.

Walk me through the option greeks and what they mean.

Investment banking division (IBD) and accounting questions from JPMorgan interviews

When should it be preferable to use equity for an acquisition?

Discuss a quantitative role you had?

How do you calculate WACC?

What are the three main financial statements?

When should a company use debt and when should a company use equity?

Describe how the 3 Financial Statements are linked by capex.

What do you consider to be a big influence on the TMT market in the coming years?

Talk me through a DCF.

In what ways do you keep up with financial news?

How would you value an airport?

What's more expensive, debt or equity?

A company's depreciation expense goes up by $100. How does this affect its three financial statements?

What happens to enterprise value when you issue or repurchase shares?

Would you use EBIT or EBITDA to value a capital-intensive company?

How can you use EBITDA to calculate the cash-flow from operations?

How would you value the pizza shop on the corner?

Pick an industry, tell me how it's been doing for the past 5 years and how you think it will do for the next 10.

How do you work out the best discount rate to use in a DCF?

How do you calculate the future projected cashflows for a DCF?

Walk me through some of the ways you value a company.

What are the three most common methods of valuing companies? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

What's the terminal growth rate? How do you calculate it?

You're the CEO of a company. Would you rather raise debt, or equity? Why?

Can you describe the difference between the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows?

A pharma company is awaiting FDA approval for a new drug. It is their first and their only product. They have nothing else in the pipeline. Can you provide an approximate for the beta of the company during the FDA approval process.

How would you go about valuing Tesla?

How would a DCF change for a company in the biotech space?

Within WACC, what is Cost of Equity and how do you calculate it?

What does PIK interest mean? How does it work?

There are two firms. One has 100% equity and the other has 50% equity and 50% debt. Which one will have the lowest WACC? Why?

What are assets on the balance sheet of a financial institution?

Technology questions from JPMorgan interviews 

Explain how xgboost differs from random forest.

Is squared Brownian motion a martingale?

What are the new features of React 18?

How many trailing zeros are there in a factorial?

Do you have experience in working in Agile?

When would you use props vs. context in React?

How do you reverse a tree?

What would you do in a situation where a business user asks you to add a data element to the reporting output that you know provides no value and will slow down performance?

What is spear phishing?

Tell me about a time you worked with a lot of data.

Build a ML model for predictions.

Can you call a store procedure within a stored procedure?

Determine if two strings are an anagram.

How do you reverse a linked list?

Write a program to find repeating numbers in an array list and maintain insertion order.

What is the difference between mutable and immutable?

How do you implement custom annotations?

Why are functional interfaces used? How does it help?

What are the benefits of using generics in Java?

Find the palindrome of a string.

Tell me about a time you needed to learn a new tool for a project and walk us through how you did it.

An integer is said to be self-descriptive if it has the property that, when digit positions are labeled 0 to N-1, the digit in each position is equal to the number of times that this digit appears in the number. Write a function that will check whether a given positive integer is self-descriptive.

Find a series of numbers from where two lists don’t overlap.

Write an app that reads data from a rest endpoint.

Show us a system design and explain its context and how you worked on it.

Walk us through the system architecture of a video hosting platform.

What is a confusion matrix?

What is a false positive?

What is Object Oriented Programming?

What is a database Index?

Explain the process of clicking a website? What happens in the background?

How would you go about creating a mobile application?

What does JPMorgan have to do with technology?

What is the difference between hash map, set, list and an array?

What is the number of islands in a nxn matrix of 0's and 1's?

What is an array?

What SQL clauses do you know?

What is a decorator and how is it used?

Write code to return 1 for a self-describing number and 0 if it's not.

Write code to unscramble a string that spells out a number value and have it print the integer.

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Photo by Nikolas Noonan on Unsplash

AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor
  • Mi
    Mikal Hargrev
    11 August 2022

    I'll save you some time, dont work at this hell hole. Leadership is non-existent, raises/bonuses are a joke, the ability to move up is not possible, plus they are forcing people to go in. PASS

  • Bh
    Bhaskar Agashe
    15 November 2017

    Depends on how you enter JPM - the interview isn't that bad OR it can be hell.
    Take it from me.
    Was told I'd have to endure a 1.5 hour interview, to be in and out in 15 minutes.
    Got a call a day later telling me I've got the role, and I'm still here.

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