10 things you need to know about the Barclays junior dress code

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If any bank is relaxed about its dress code it's supposed to be Barclays. While only 11% of Goldman's summer interns thought 'anything goes' in terms of workplace attire, last week's survey of banks' attitudes to employees' outfits by Emolument.com found that Barclays was the bank least likely to specify exactly what its employees should wear (the flip flop ban excepted).

The effects of this laissez-faire approach to sartorial issues are demonstrated in a photo just posted by Barclays on LinkedIn showing the new graduate intake at its investment bank in Europe. While juniors at other banks rush to stock-up on white shirts and dark suits, Barclays' analysts look a lot more...eclectic.

It's admittedly possible that the photo below was taken when the juniors were dressing down for a graduate event, but a lot of the outfits look distinctly smart-casual and are therefore likely to be recycled on Fridays, when the standard dress code is more relaxed.

The key takeaways are as follows:

1. It is OK to wear coloured trousers. (Ie. lime green)

2. It is probably preferable to wear chinos. (Ie. beige)

3. Skirts should be at or below the knee.

4. Legs may be bare. Short-sleeved shirts are OK.

5. Wearing your jumper around your neck is a thing.

6. Dark blue shirts are a thing.

7. If you're wearing a black dress, you will look drab next to the people who've embraced colour.

8. Brown shoes are a thing.

9. Flat shoes (for women) are a thing.

10. Beards are mostly out, especially if they are full. This is not Goldman Sachs.

Barclays dress code

Photo credit: Pantalones by Nacho is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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