The new top boutique for (French) M&A bankers in London

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If you're a high pedigree M&A banker with French provenance, we have good news: a top French M&A banker has set up a new boutique in London, staffed (so far) entirely by native French speakers. This could change, however, as there are only four staff: two partners, one analyst and one associate.

The banker in question is Benoit D'Angelin, the storied former head of European investment banking at Lehman Brothers and founder of the boutique firm Ondra Partners.  D'Angelin left Ondra last November, saying that, "with the organic succession of the firm ensured and the quality of the partners that we have assembled, it is the right time for me to conclude the Ondra phase of my career."

Now he seems to be starting a new phase with a new boutique. The eponymous D'Angelin & Co. Limited was incorporated with Britain's companies house on November 14th 2016 - four days after D'Angelin quit Ondra. It's just launched with a new website. D'Angelin's fellow partner, Laurent Clarenbach, also comes from Ondra (and previously Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs). His associate, William Magnaldo, derives from Oppenheimer. His analyst, Thibaut Lavare, was a summer analyst at Ondra last year.

Will there be more hiring at D'Angelin & Co. soon? It seems likely. Ondra had 45 registered employees at its peak (it now has 40) and D'Angelin & Co. is soliciting applications through its website. If you're a French M&A banker who wants to work for a London boutique after Brexit, you might want to get in touch.


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