London's top finance headhunters for jobs paying £200k

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If you want a £200k ($264k) job in London's banking industry, there are a handful of top financial services headhunters ('executive search' professionals in US vernacular) you need to know.

Executive Grapevine just pointed you in their direction. In its new annual ranking of London's top headhunting firms, it identified ten top financial services headhunting 'boutiques' (ie, smaller headhunting firms which don't operate across all industries) focused on finance. These firms, and their market shares, are as follows:

If you're happy to have a London finance job that pays less than £200k, those same firms are the ones to approach - although Sheffield Haworth is more successful in the <£200k bracket, with 13% of jobs in all categories.

Alternatively, if you're happy to use non-finance focused generalist headhunting firms that also happen to work in the finance sector, you might want to choose from the ranking below. This too comes from Executive Grapevine.

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