Morning Coffee: Morgan Stanley banker worked through the snowstorm. Ex-Goldman trader's life less perfect than seems

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While other banks (like J.P. Morgan) have been falling over themselves to make life easier for their young bankers, James Gorman has remained steadfast: Morgan Stanley has not and will not place restrictions on bankers' working hours. Gorman says prescribed limits on weekend working make no sense when there's a deal on, and that Morgan Stanley's bankers should be naturally temperate when there isn't.

This being the case, there were clearly some deals on at Morgan Stanley this weekend. As New York City experienced its second biggest snowstorm in recent history, someone at Morgan Stanley was working. Not only was he working, he was ordering takeout food like any normal night.

We know this because a cycle courier/journalist for the New York Post has written 400 words on how she delivered food to a banker at Morgan Stanley during the blizzard on Saturday evening. "My mission: Pick up an order of chips, guacamole and a grande quesadilla and deliver it to a banker at Morgan Stanley," she writes, describing how she battled through "mountains of snow" and "treacherous winds" to reach Morgan Stanley's office on Broadway and 48th Street.

When she arrived, the Morgan Stanley junior (we assume he was an analyst or associate) was less than appreciative. While he might deserve plaudits from the bank for working through the storm, he didn't score highly on generosity. "Is it cold out there?” he asked the courier, before telling her to "be careful," and handing her a tip of just $1.75. The courier was enraged ("If blood could boil in a blizzard, mine was.") And the moral of the story is: even if you're working nights in one of the worst snowstorms in living history, be kind - especially to people who are weathering the storm to feed you.

Separately, David Tepper is a man who seems to have it all. The 58 year-old hedge fund manager and ex-Goldman Sachs trader is worth an estimated $11.6bn and runs Appaloosa, a hedge fund with $19bn under management. Even better, Tepper has just opened an Appaloosa office on Miami Beach.

Scratch the surface, however, and Tepper's Miami odyssey isn't quite so appealing. In a situation reminiscent of Greg Coffey, the ex-Moore Capital trader who took his screens with him whenever he took a break, it transpires that the Miami Beach office is actually for working holidays. CNBC says the new office will have no permanent employees and will instead be used by Tepper and other Appaloosa staff whenever they're 'nearby.'


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Photo credit: Mount Manhattan by DeShaun Craddock is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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