This is how much Wall Street's hottest boutique is paying in London

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It's been a good year for Wall Street boutique Centerview Partners. It won places on the $160bn Allergan deal, on General Electric's $26bn divestiture of real estate assets, and on Diageo's £515m ($773m) asset sale to Heineken. In 2016, it's reportedly planning to double the size of its London office and may, therefore, be hiring.

When it does, M&A bankers in the City might want to take note. Centerview has just published its results for its UK operation in the year ending 31 March 2015 (in other words before its recent good fortune) and they suggest that it pays very well indeed.

The average profit distributed per 'member' (AKA partner) at Centerview's London operation was £2.7m during the year in question. The highest paid member received...£8m ($12m). This was considerably higher than the 12 months previously, when the comparable figures were £1.5m and £5.3m respectively.

Centerview's rank and file weren't as well paid, but they didn't do too badly either. The boutique divided £5.5m (including social security costs) between 23 people, an average of £241k ($361k) per head.

Centerview's UK revenues and profits rose by 78% and 774% in the year to March 31st 2015. If you want to join a fast-growing, high-paying, expansionary M&A boutique, this would appear to be it.

Photo credit: Fiery action by Kim Benson is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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