28 year-old desk assistant finds better way of earning $150k. The best thing about Goldman's hiring policy

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30 year-old Paul Quincey, who spent seven years working as a desk assistant at UBS wealth management in London and Sydney, reportedly quit to set up a cleaning business fifteen months ago. The Australian Financial Review reports that Quincey is now running 'Quintessentially Clean,' a Sydney-based cleaning company.

In his new role, Quincey already earns around AU$215k (US$150k), which exceeds what he was making in banking. Initially, Quincy himself was doing the cleaning and working from 5am to 9pm. Now he employs seven people and only involves himself in cleaning carpets.

Separately, Goldman Sachs likes to say it's a meritocracy which hires graduates without a sense of entitlement.  To its credit, the firm recruited Louise Cooper, the writer and broadcaster back in 1992 when no British bank would have her. "After graduating from City University (now CASS) with a First Class degree in Business Studies and Finance, not one British investment bank offered me a job," writes Cooper in the Telegraph. "The only job offers I got were from American banks, which are far more meritocratic." Cooper, who also had four As at A Level, the U.K. school-leaving exam, went on to spend seven years at Goldman Sachs before becoming a broadcaster and journalist.

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