Anshu Jain to live off wife's moderate income from freelance writing?

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Anshu Jain's finances have taken a nasty turn for the worse. He's leaving Deutsche at the end of this month and will be paid nothing more for his efforts as a full-time employee. Nor did he pick up the €15m Deutsche says he would have collected had he been fired.

Fortunately, therefore, Anshu Jain's wife - Geetika - has a profession, albeit one far less lucrative than her husband's.

Geetika Jain writes travel articles and children's books for Huffington Post and elsewhere. In the past year, she has been to Norway, Botswana and Jordan, seemingly without her husband.

In the future, Anshu will be free to travel with her. But only after his new consulting contract with Deutsche comes to an end in December 2015.

The Jains' finances will also be helped by the fact that Jain has various personal investments - including in an Indian cricket team - and by the fact that Jain regularly earned more than $10m a year at Deutsche Bank.

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