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The 10 strangest jobs banks are hiring for now

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As the second half of the year approaches, we enter banks' prime hiring season. This is the time when interviews are rife and headcount is filled. If you want a new banking job in 2015, apply now.

So, which roles are banks hiring for? A look at their own job listings suggests junior investment banking division (IBD) jobs are still going strong. So are technology jobs of all hues. So are project management roles related to the many 'change programs' being implemented across the board.

There are also some less predictable postings on banks' own websites. If you're looking for a banking job that's out of the ordinary, you may want to apply to one of those listed below. Then again, you may simply want to note that some of these jobs exist and draw your own conclusions about the direction banks are travelling in.

1. Goldman Sachs is looking for someone to manage the bodyguards who protect its executives in Russia

Working as a bodyguard in Russia sounds like an inherently risky proposition. If risky propositions sound appealing, Goldman Sachs is currently on the lookout for a senior analyst or associate to manage 'guarding services' and 'executive protection' in Poland and Russia, among other things. As the manager, you will at least be several steps away from the front line.

2. Deutsche Bank is looking for someone to implement a framework in which culture will have a stronger influence upon pay

Along with most banks, Deutsche wants to change its culture. As we noted a few weeks ago, it's looking for experts in psychological operations to manage employee messaging.  It's also looking for a 'culture initiative project manager', one of whose tasks will be to link Deutsche's 'values and beliefs' to compensation. Banks have been talking about this for a long time; maybe this time they mean it?

3. Credit Suisse is hiring for two year part time cross divisional internships in Russia

If you're looking for a part-time long-term internship with plenty of flexibility, Credit Suisse has just the thing - in Russia. The bank is looking for students to work 20 hours a week over a two year period. Interns on the program revolve around IBD, markets, private banking, compliance and operations.

4. Goldman Sachs is looking for a 'classic' analyst/associate in Madrid 

What is a 'classic' analyst or associate? We don't know. But Goldman Sachs' advert for one aptly encapsulates exactly what to expect from an analyst or associate position at a generic investment bank. You'll need to, 'create and analyze financial models', perform, 'scenario analyses and tests to examine the effects of client alternatives',  'organize and prepare presentations, which explain industry trends, discuss client options, and recommend strategies to meet client goals.'

You'll also need to speak Spanish as this 'classic' job is based in Madrid.

5. Deutsche Bank is hiring a new head of prime solutions in Europe. But the job will only be at VP level

Deutsche Bank has had some issues with its prime broking business, this being one of the areas that is expected to suffer under its new business strategy. The former head of global prime finance at the German bank was replaced in April. Deutsche is now hiring a head of prime broking solutions for EMEA. Curiously, however, although the role entails taking charge of the expansion of the entire EMEA business, Deutsche is only hiring a VP into it.

6. J.P. Morgan is hiring for its team of 24 hour researchers in Bangalore

Ever wondered where J.P. Morgan analysts in London get their data from? The bank is hiring junior researchers with one to three years' experience to work rotational night shifts and weekends at its office in Bangalore.

7. UBS is hiring someone to spy upon its employees

Since traders' electronic communications were found to be wanting, banks have been compelled to devote more resources to employee monitoring. UBS has an 'Employee Intelligence Capability' team and is looking for someone to 'review and analyze employee alerts.'

8. Credit Suisse is hiring an employment lawyer with the promise of litigating successfully against employees

Credit Suisse wants an employment lawyer in London. So far, so unexceptional. Except that Credit Suisse is luring its proposed lawyer with the promise of managing 'employment disputes and litigation to a successful conclusion, including appropriate supervision of external counsel.' What may be appealing for a lawyer sounds less promising for the rest of Credit Suisse's London staff.

9. Goldman Sachs is looking for a 'threat intelligence analyst'

Goldman Sachs is still bulking up its Dallas-based 'Threat Management Center.' It wants someone to work there who gets a kick out of 'correlating cyber attack patterns.' That person will also need computer science. cyber security, or psychology qualifications and a willingness to work on a 24/7 shift pattern when necessary.

10. RBS is hiring a fixed income settlements analyst 

Hiring a fixed income settlements analyst is no big deal. It happens all the time. Except that a fixed income settlements analyst is the only UK-based role RBS is advertising in its investment bank right now. The absence of alternatives doesn't augur well for job security at the government owned bank, which is expected to make big redundancies in the second half of this year.

AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor

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