Did J.P. Morgan just ask some staff to amend profiles on LinkedIn?

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Rumour has it that J.P. Morgan's most desirable and hard-to-retain staff may soon become harder to find on LinkedIn.

Recruiters claim that some technology professionals at J.P. Morgan in the UK have been ordered to heavily simplify their LinkedIn profiles. Henceforth, job titles and dates of employment will allegedly be fine. Any information about their actual roles will allegedly not.

J.P. Morgan declined to comment on the alleged LinkedIn changes, which we suspect could be entirely spurious. However, the bank has a company-wide LinkedIn policy which doesn't forbid staff from posting role details to the social media site. If true, the requirements are likely to have come from a disgruntled boss. Technology projects are business-sensitive and staff who reveal too much about new tech initiatives might be giving away company secrets. Similarly, technologists are hard to hire and seeing your team plastered across LinkedIn might be an irritation.

Technology recruiters are miffed about the move. "It's ridiculous," says one. "It's a massive contravention of people's personal space."

Let us know if you've been asked to modify your J.P.M LinkedIn profile using the comment box below. (Or email us at Editor@eFinanciaCareers.com)

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