13 Charts from Deutsche Bank that explain where to work in finance now

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Deutsche Bank's strategists have been hard at work on a new report titled, 'Mapping the Financial Market in 2015.' If you're wondering which areas of the buy-side are growing and which aren't, it has the answers. It also offers useful pointers on the securities you might want to trade and those you might want to avoid specializing in at all costs.

We've extracted the most pertinent charts and inserted them below. US ETFs are good. CDS trading desks are not.

1. Western European and German bond funds are good. Emerging Europe bond funds are bad


Deutsche Bank fund classes

2. Emerging market capital flows are still high historically. Related jobs should be treated with caution

Deutsche Bank private capital inflows

3. The heyday for volume-focused bond traders was 2011. It's all been downhill since

Deutsche Bank bond trading

4. US MBS traders are still on a downer


Deutsche Bank mortgage backed

5. The home equity ABS securitization market in the US is still dead. As per reports, auto-loan ABS is a big growth area, but is still low - comparatively 

Deutsche Bank ABS

6. Exchange traded derivatives are growing. OTC derivatives are not 

Deutsche Bank derivatives market

7. Rates derivatives constitute the bulk of the OTC market. But FX OTC derivatives are more of a growth area (just) 

Deutsche Bank OTC

8. CDS trading jobs are bad (see Deutsche's withdrawal from this market

Deutsche Bank CDS

9. Exchange traded derivatives are growing most in North America 

Deutsche Bank ETFs10. You want to be working in a US equity ETF fund

Deutsche Bank ETF inflows

 11. Fund management is a long term growth area 

Deutsche pension funds

12. Broadly, hedge funds are a long term growth area too 

Deutsche hedge funds

13. You are advised to find a non-commodity focused role in a sovereign wealth fund 

Deutsche Bank sov wealth

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