Career Crunch: Surviving in the investment bank of tomorrow, Asian job title inflation

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Investment banking is evolving and you need to adapt in order to survive – which qualifications will increase your chances of success currently and other top stories on eFinancialCareers over the past week.

Why you won’t fit into the investment bank of the future

Investment banking is changing, and the sorts of personalities required to succeed are shifting away from brash egotists and towards tech-savvy team-players. Can you make it?

Seven things you should know about hiring and pay at Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has unveiled its annual HR report, detailing what it’s doing with recruitment, promotion and remuneration.

What I learned in my first two years as a buy-side analyst

Here’s what you can expect if you join a hedge fund straight out of university.

Statistically, these are the best qualifications for banking jobs now

A breakdown of the chances of securing a financial services job by qualification.

Job title inflation sees Asian bankers make MD before 30

Beware young bankers in Asia with impressive sounding job titles – it’s all about making the right impression on clients.

13 reasons Goldman Sachs careers may be going out of fashion

Has Goldman Sachs lost its mojo? One senior analyst believes so.

Deutsche Bank cuts graduate recruitment, focuses on cheaper locations

Deutsche Bank’s grad recruitment in established financial centres has fallen, while its investment in offshore locations has increased.

Millennium Management poaches UBS equities hot shot

The hedge fund that keeps on hiring from investment banks has recruited one of UBS’s top rated equity salesmen.

RBC emailed recruiters to say it won’t pay fees on at-risk Barclays bankers

Soon-to-be-unemployed Barclays bankers are not viable candidates for recruiters.

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority will be hiring in these areas in 2014

ADIA has been bolstering its team, adding over 100 employees last year, and will continue to hire in 2014.