The best recruiters for banking jobs that pay £100k or £200k+

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So you want a high paying banking job? Which are the best recruiters and headhunting firms are most likely to deliver that to you? The new Executive Grapevine Market Report spells out your options in granular detail.

Firstly, if you want a banking job in London that pays £100k+ in year one (including salary, guaranteed bonus and any other guaranteed cash compensation), Executive Grapevine suggests you should be getting friendly with the firms on the list below.  These are the so-called 'boutique firms' - those which only deal with banking jobs.

Boutique firms

Source: Executive Grapevine 

Secondly, if you want a banking job in London that pays £100k+, but are prepared to deal with headhunting firms who don't just operate in financial services, you might want to get together with firms in the following table. These are the 'multi-practice' headhunting firms which don't just do banking, but have a strong presence in the banking sector nonetheless. They might be pretty good to get to know if you want to move into a board position later on.

Multi practice firmsSource: Executive Grapevine

Best headhunters for sales, trading and asset management jobs paying £200k+ 

How about if you want a job that will pay you £200k plus in either markets or asset management? Executive Grapevine has a chart telling you who to contact here too. And once again, it differentiates between the best boutique firms and the best multi-asset consultants at this level.

Boutique 200

Source: Executive Grapevine

Multi asset 200

Source: Executive Grapevine 

Needless to say, the same firms crop up repeatedly on all lists. If you want a high paying job in the City of London, you need to get in with the Omerta Group, Egon Zehnder, Sheffield Haworth, Principal Search, Russell Reynolds, and Hogarth Davis Lloyd.

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