Citi has been looking for a junior banker with a 'sense of humour'

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Can you take a joke? Do you have the sort of 'robust personality' that can handle being reprimanded or lightly mocked when things aren't going so well? Are you witty and sure of yourself? If so, you might be just what Citi has been looking for.

Until yesterday, the US investment bank was advertising for an associate to work in its London-based equity capital markets team. Candidates for the role needed, 'proven track experience in a capital markets or investment banking role,' along with a second European language, a degree, strong interpersonal skills and advanced knowledge of Excel. However, Citi also specified that they could benefit from, 'sense of humour/ robust personality/ resilience/ self-confidence.'

The job specification has since disappeared, suggesting a comedic Excel wizard has been found. Citi wasn't immediately able to comment on the position. But it doesn't appear to be the only job at the bank for which humour is a prerequisite. Citi is also advertising for a strategy and execution person in its finance and risk division. The desired candidate needs to be autonomous and able to maintain a sense of humour in stressful situations.

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