Career Crunch: When to quit your banking job, how to avoid being rejected by recruiters

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Spiralling high frequency trading pay, advice on how to move on after five years in the same firm and other top stories you may have missed on eFinancialCareers over the past seven days.

Six signs you have to quit your banking job in the next six months

When is your employer hinting that you should move on? Or when should you make the decision for yourself?

Reasons why recruiters reject you, and how to stop this

You may feel that you’re ideally suited to the positions you apply to, but still have a lack of success. Here are the main problems with candidate, according to recruiters, and how to overcome them.

The 90 most-important seconds of a banking interview

Any good MBA will be able to tell their ‘story’ to a potential employer within a minute and a half. Here’s a step-by-step guide to sounding authentic and enthusiastic…

This is why you need to change your banking job every five years

When you stop earning and stop learning, it’s time to make a switch.

Six front office finance jobs experiencing ‘huge’ hiring in 2014

Front office recruitment is still caught between hiring and firing, but here’s where the jobs are being created now.

The highest-paying compliance jobs globally

In theory compliance professionals can name their own salary. Maybe not, but here are the jobs that now pay six figures.

Academic identifies the most toxic boss in banking

When toilet breaks become a luxury, it’s time to question your boss’s management style.

Top consulting firms win pay race in a walk

The top three management consultants outstrip their rivals when it comes to salaries.

How bankers on less than £100k are playing the London housing market

Bankers are buying in cooler areas of London, and renting out to fellow bankers.

High frequency trading firm nearly triples pay to over $925k a head

HFT is in the news for all the wrong reasons currently, so an ill-timed report shows just how much one firm pays its staff.

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