How to get in with Anshu Jain

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If you want to inveigle your way into Jamie Dimon's inner circle, you might want to play tennis. Dimon's most recent Christmas card showed him wielding a tennis racket and he's said to have met his wife, Judith, thanks to their mutual tennis interest. Much the same goes for Lloyd Blankfein, who's a member of the elite Southampton and Bath tennis club.

Anshu Jain, however, is a different kettle of fish. If you want to get in with Anshu, you will need to pay golf. In particular, you will need to hang out at the prestigious Frankfurter Golf Club, where Jain has reportedly just become a member.  

Frequenting the Frankfurter may be easier said than done, however. As our German editor points out, the club declares itself only open to members of the Frankfurt upper classes.  Even Jain has only been able to secure a one-year pass in the first instance.


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