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The Financial Times' 2014 MBA ranking is out. You can look at it here. On the FT's site you can manipulate the chart and assess the schools listed based upon the calibre of their research, the extent to which their students achieved their aims, and whether the schools are deemed to offer value for money. However, if you're chiefly interested in furthering your career and increasing your pay, the FT suggests there's only one place to go for an MBA.

That is: Stanford Graduate School of Business.

According to the FT, Stanford's business school offers:

  • The highest weighted salary (allowing for US purchasing power parity equivalent) after three years, at $185k.
  •  An average 100% salary increase post-MBA vs. pre-MBA.
  • The best chance of getting promoted post-MBA and the best alumni groups of any business school.

If this sounds appealing, Stanford's MBA employment report for 2012-2013 shows that its MBA graduates are hired by Bain Capital, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital, Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, UBS and others.

The chart below (click to expand), also shows that some Stanford MBA alumni are earning $350k+ in their first year of graduation in financial services careers. Investment banks look like the poor relations, however.

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