Career Crunch: Where the hiring will be in 2014, uplifting tales of escaping finance

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Welcome back to reality – if you’ve been celebrating the festive season too hard to read eFC over the past two weeks, take a moment to catch up on what you’ve missed.

21 firms that will be hiring finance professionals in 2014

While most banks and financial services organisations play their recruiting plans very close to their chest, some firms have already stated their intention to hire.

A bank-by-bank strategy primer: everything you need to know about probable hiring and firing in 2014

What will the major investment banks be doing this year when it comes to recruitment?

Qualifications that should get you jobs at Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Deutsche & others in 2014

Some banks value professional qualifications and Masters degrees more than others.

For the most money in investment banking, start out in NY then move to London

Juniors get paid a lot more in New York, but London wins out at the senior level.

How Goldman tried and failed to retain an ops VP who was ‘bored beyond belief’, and other tales of escaping the City

Tired of working in finance? Take heart from these bankers who have moved on.

11 big-name hires who’ll want to build teams early in 2014

These senior bankers will want to bring in their own people and expand their team following their recent appointments.

Four hedge funds quietly paying out millions to their employees

Tis the season for hedge funds to quietly unveil their results and reveal how much they pay their partners (a lot).

Six banking jobs that will die a death in 2014

You really do not want to be working in one of these sectors this year.

The investment banks you should be working for in ECM and DCM

Capital markets league tables haven’t changed a lot in 2013, but it’s interesting to note who the big gainers and losers over the past few years have been. 

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