Canary Wharf workers traumatized as man falls from JPMorgan's roof

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Very sadly, a 39 year-old JPMorgan banker fell from the roof of the bank's office in Canary Wharf this morning.

The unidentified man is said to have fallen slightly before 8am and to have landed on a 9th floor roof. JPMorgan has said that it's reviewing a very sad incident at 25 Bank Street. Scotland Yard has said it's not treating the man's death as suspicious.

Speaking on Twitter, Canary Wharf-based workers commented that the body was left uncovered for up to two hours while emergency workers responded.

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In 2006 a man died after falling from a balcony at Citigroup's office in Canary Wharf. In 2010, a Citi employee reportedly jumped to his death from an internal balcony. Our thoughts are with the man's family.