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A detailed breakdown of Morgan Stanley’s new MDs by division, location and gender

If you want to make it to managing director at Morgan Stanley you will, if the class of 2014 is any sort of indicator, probably have to work in New York. You have a great chance if you work in an investment banking advisory function, but information technology is also a prime source of senior talent now.

We’ve analysed the new list of managing directors, released today by the bank, to determine which divisions they work in and where in the world they’re based. Just 27% of the 153 elevated to managing director are female, but this is decidedly better than 17.4% figure for 2013.

The charts below outline our research, and beneath that you’ll find as full a list of job titles as we’ve been able to uncover. There are some gaps, so if you have any tips, let us know.

Morgan Stanley Mds-business


Morgan Stanley's managing directors 2014: 

Kristin Adams, global head of campus recruiting/global HR coverage for global capital markets/global HR coverage for technology division, New York

Melanie Bradshaw Ahearn, prime brokerage division, New York

Jeannine Vienna Ali, finance function, New York

Burak Alici, manages Global Discovery Fund, Morgan Stanley Investment Management, New York.

Lillian Amato, head of regulatory relationships, compliance division, New York

Vincent Andrews, research analyst, covering Agricultural Products, Agricultural Chemicals, and Packaged Food industries, New York

Daniele Antonucci, senior European economist, London

Rafael F. Arbulu, head of Peru, Ecuador, Central America and Carribiean Investment Banking Coverage, Peru

Masayoshi Asano

Andre Barros, chief operating officer for the Latin America region, New York

Leslie Kane Bazos, chief operating officer for global capital markets, New York

James Edward Beeston, prime brokerage, London

Rosalie Berman, capital markets, New York

Philip Blumberg

Kevin Bonebrake, investment banking division, Houston, Texas

Laura Bottega, portfolio specialist, global equity division, Morgan Stanley Investment Management, London

Kenneth Brady, New York

Andrea Brambilla

David A. W. Brand, head of short term product sales, London

Tim Breitenstein, real estate investing, Germany

Davide Brocato, head of bank deposit products, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, New York

Stephen Cambor, global banking technology, global wealth management and capital markets, New York

Paul W. Casey, chief operating officer, private wealth management, New York

Raja Chatterjee, global head of anti-corruption and special investigations, New York

Christian A. Cheney, IST Industrials coverage, New York

Christina Chiu, real estate investment, New York

Michael Chung, private equity division, Asia, based in Korea

Edward D. Clementi, global head of institutional securities division model risk and control, New York

Dana Codispoti, global head of HR operations and business transformation, New York

Ira H. Cohen, senior investment banker, global technology group, New York

Pedro Costa, investment banking division, M&A, Brazil

Jonathan Costello, portfolio manager, Morgan Stanley Investment Partners, private equity fund group, New York

Michael Coyle, New York

Melissa M. Daniels, managing principal, Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, private equity, New York

Patrick Delivanis, investment banking division, financial institutions group, Dubai

Cheryl Dennerlein, global leader of OTC fixed income operations and collateral management, New York

Stefano Diamantini, FX structured products, global capital markets, London

Daniel J. DiBiasio, head of new advisor hiring and development, wealth management, New York

Michael J. DiBiasio

Andrea Dowling, human resources, London

Timothy Drinkall, portfolio manager, frontier emerging markets strategy, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, New York

Carlos Frederico Sobral Elias, head of Latin America cash/Delta one products, Brazil

Matthew Farlow, commodities CVA Europe and Asia, Singapore

Yann Michel Richard Folloroux

Sharon Lesley Freach, information technology, New York

Susan Galletto

John Gally, par loan trader, New York

Rupesh Gardner, electronic trading, New York

Richard L. Gengenbach, information technology, New York

Manpreet Singh Grewal, head of single stocks exotics trading, Europe, based in London

David Harding, technology and data COO, London

Daniel Hayden, head of legal coverage for institutional equities, global capital markets corporate derivatives, Hong Kong

Shannon Hirai, Asia head of production management, Japan

Yoav J. Hirsch, global head of algorithmic trading technology, New York

Edward P. Hodgson

Karsten Hofacker, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, London

Scott Honey, exotics trader, New York

Eric Hopp, investment banking, financial institutions group, New York

Matthew T. Hornbach, global head of interest rate strategy, New York

Diane Hosie, Morgan Stanley Investment Management, London

Hilary Irby, head of investing with impact initiative, private equity, New York

Jean-Marc V. Jabre, mid-market private equity, London

John Jachimowicz, real-time market data (information technology), New York

Nitin Jindal, commodities trading, New York

Derek Johnson

Vitaly Kagan, global head of CVA technology, New York

Oliver Kehren, project management, London

Shawn Young Chan Kim, head of South Korea research, Korea

Matthew King, global infrastructure fund management, New York

Chris Kovel, manager of advisory product services and client intelligence practice (information technology), New York

Mathias Kramer, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, New York

Julia M. Kubis, operations risk and control, London

Dong-Jun John Lee, New York

Peter Lee

Simon Ho Yin Lee

Daniel Alexander Lewis, equity capital markets, London

Cara Y. Li, real estate, Hong Kong

Vadim Lisak, head of New York rates derivatives and global emerging markets technology, New York

Stephen Lloyd, internal audit, institutional securities, New York

Mark Looker, global head of enterprise computing service, London

Susan Ludwigson, international tax planning and compliance, New York

Martin Heinrich Luehrs, capital markets, debt syndicate and leveraged finance, London

Gary Lynn, product control and financial director for credit within fixed income division, New York

Jon Mackay, senior fixed income strategist, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, New York

Isabel Mahony, head of financial and sterling credit trading, London

Shaw Margulies

Joan C. Marron, head of not-for-profit healthcare investment banking, New York

Joseph A. Martino

Jonathan Martland, London

Damien C. Matthews, corporate interest rate and foreign exchange risk management, New York

John J. McGrory, head of Glasgow operations/global head of prime brokerage/head of EMEA branch and banking operations

Thiago A. Melzer, head of foreign exchange options – Americas, New York

Francois Meunier, technology equity research, London

Christopher J. Morser, head of alternative investment partners hedge fund solutions group, New York

Paul Mouchakkaa, investment banking, Los Angeles

Takanori Nagasaka

Siddhart Srikant Nahata, healthcare investment banking, London

Armistead Nash, growth team, Morgan Stanley Investment Management, New York

Kathleen Naughton, global head of events and conferences, New York

Michael Newby, head of country compliance for Asia Pacific, Hong Kong

Jason B. Noble, investment banking, New York

Carl-Johan O. Nordberg, investment banking, New York

Michael John O'Byrne, equity capital markets, London

Owen O'Keeffe, technology M&A, San Francisco

John O'Meara, research, New York

Jeanne Greeley O'Regan, deputy corporate secretary, legal and compliance division, New York

Michael O'Sullivan, institutional equity sales, New York

Patricia E. Pagoaga, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, New York

Allison Patton, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Filipe Rodrigues Rocha Pereira da Silva, Spain coverage investment banking, Madrid

Franco Piarulli, head of portfolio advisory services, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, New York

Maureen A. Pierpont, New York

Manoj Pradhan, economist and strategist, London

Mayank Prakash, head of global wealth and investment management technology, India

Amol Prasad, trader, New York

Susan Reid, head of HR coverage for asset management, New York

Aryasomayajula Sekhar, global head of market risk, analytics and securitised product trading, New York

Andrey Sergeev, Russian coverage, investment banking, Moscow

Emily Shelton, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, New York

Takashi Shida

Gaurav Shukla, head of strategy and business development, international wealth management, New York

Louise Singlehurst, equity research, retail, London

William John Harris Smith, European head of capital introductions, prime brokerage, London

Scott M. Steel

Susan Stein

Roy Swan, corporate treasury, New York

Shuma Takita, Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities, Japan

Scott Taylor, head of loan portfolio analytics, New York

Michelle G. Teitsch, equity research, North America, New York

Cindy Tse, risk management, New York

Christopher Tynan, investment banking, Australia

Kaori Umezu, investment banking, Japan

Kara R. Underwood, talent management, wealth management, New York

Robert Urgo, investment banking, New York

Richard VanderMass, fixed income, New York

Peter Vasiliadis, head of operational due diligence, Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners, New York

Robert Vesey, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, New York

David Villedieu, capital markets, France

Jeffrey Voight, New York

Sarah Walker, securities reference data and EOD pricing data management (information technology), London

Harry T. Walters, co-head of wealth management litigation, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Mika Watanabe, head of corporate communications, Japan

Stephen Whitbread, compliance and legal, London

Sterling C. Wilson, technology investment banking, San Francisco

Valerie Wong, chief of staff, office of the chairman and CEO, New York

Adam Wood, research analyst, technology, New York

Victoria Worster, head of international accounting standards and control, London

David A. Wright, foreign exchange, London

Rong Xie, China corporate sales, Hong Kong

Masaki Yano, investment banking, Japan

Sharon Yeshaya, New York

Sajid Zaidi, head of global collateralised loan obligations, New York

Alex Zhou, general manager private equity investment, China

AUTHORPaul Clarke
  • Ci
    City Observer
    25 January 2014

    Peter Lee!!!!!! Interesting!!!!

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