11 things Goldmanites have said that you (may) actually agree with

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Last week, we published a piece ranking some of the most outrageous tweets from famed Twitter handle Goldman Sachs Elevator (@GSElevator), the anonymous banker who shares with the world all the blush-inducing Wall Street banter that he has (reportedly) heard uttered within the bank’s walls.

Amongst the more than 1,000 tweets are some of the most sexist and arrogant comments you’ll ever hear. We chose the worst offenders for our previous piece.

But, while sifting through the outrageous and absurd, there were random nuggets of lucidity; uncomfortably blunt and funny insights that you may – repeat may – actually agree with. Here are some of those.

  • "Checking your phone after someone else pulls out their phone is the yawn of our generation."

  • "Don't apologize for being late with a Starbucks latte in your hand."

  • "Yellow Starbursts are for when someone asks for one."

  • "Too many people still answer the phone like they don't know who's calling."

  • "Real estate brokers should use Groupon to see who's about to go out of business."

  • "In all fairness to extra IRS scrutiny, the Tea Party groups did name themselves after an illegal tax revolt."

  • "No one would run a marathon if they had to sign a confidentiality agreement first."

  • "Whenever I lose my Blackberry over the weekend, I wait til Wednesday to say anything so people won't assume I was wasted."

  • "There is no such thing as turtleneck weather."

  • "Having no Internet history is an omission of guilt."

  • "I highly doubt we've ever hired anyone who listed 'camping' as an interest on their resume."

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