Morning Coffee: M&A analysts in big demand in 2014. Jamie Dimon's wild family life depicted in his Christmas card

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2014 could be a good year for M&A analysts. UK-focused M&A has been a little inert in 2013, but more dynamism is expected soon. At the same time, big U.S. banks will need to hire more M&A juniors to meet their new commitments to shorter working hours for existing staff.

Goldman Sachs was the first to pare back juniors' working hours with its so-called 'Saturday rule' stating that junior bankers must not work from 9pm on Fridays until 9am on Sundays. Yesterday JPMorgan followed suite with an initiative for 'protected weekends' in which its junior bankers have one in every four weekends entirely work-free. Other banks are expected to adopt similar measures.

Both Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are expected to hire more junior bankers as a result of the initiatives. Goldman has committed to hiring 14% more M&A analysts next year than this year. JPMorgan says it will hire 10% more analysts to cope with the protected weekends.

Separately, Jamie Dimon has sent out a family Christmas card. Shown below, it depicts his three denim-clad Dimon daughters throwing tennis balls around denim-clad Jamie Dimon himself taking a swipe with a tennis racket, and his wife laughing hysterically. There's also some art which looks like an exploding pillow.

Jamie Dimon Christmas


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