Career Crunch: How to get a new job during Christmas, the ideal investment banking career path

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Too busy preparing for Christmas to catch up on all the career news related to the financial sector? Catch up here…

Eight ways to improve your resume over the holidays

Spruce up your CV over the festive period to ensure your job search kicks off in the new year. It doesn’t take long, and can be done between mince pies.

The most puerile thing an analyst in an investment bank has ever been reprimanded for

A managing director once screamed at an analyst for leaving an eyelash on the front page of a pitch book. Attention to detail is very important.

Wharton study identifies ideal banker career path: spend the first 5 years at Goldman Sachs

Starting out at bulge bracket bank is a tough option, but it will do wonders for your future career.

The eight hottest candidates banks want to hire before Christmas

There are only a select number of positions that banks are hiring for before the end of the year. Are you an in-demand candidate?

Who earns more in investment banks? Traders? Or salespeople?

There are very small margins between the two roles, depending on levels of seniority.

Ex-Goldman banker who hired hundreds now wants to fire them all

Beware over-expansionary banks, for their fortunes can change very quickly.

Moneybags in Mayfair: Meet the best paying hedge funds in the UK

The highest paying hedge fund in the UK paid its partners an average of over $11m.

Heavily-used adjectives from financial services CVs, and how to avoid them

Avoid clichés in your CV, and replace oft-used words with adjectives that can help you stand out from the crowd.

Bain’s 10 key tips for acing a consulting interview

Getting through a consulting interview is a different breed from most sectors. Here’s how to impress recruiters, from the horse’s mouth.

Investment banks still recruiting graduates in EMEA for 2014

Last minute graduate openings – be quick.