Should your deferred bonus be paid in Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin is hot. Since July, it's increased in value by 378%. People are finding forgotten Bitcoins and buying luxury apartments. People are using Bitcoins to buy drinks in bars. 

While Bitcoin is soaring, bank stocks are languishing. Goldman Sachs' share price is down 4% since mid-July. Credit Suisse's is down around 10%. Morgan Stanley's is up 3%. If you're not paid cash, Bitcoin looks like a good alternative.

There are a few disadvantages, obviously - not least the fact that Bitcoin has been called a bubble and the price fell 74% between April and July. "No one normal is into Bitcoin," according to one hedge fund manager. Twitter pundit @Finansakrobat offers the following reasons why Bitcoin bonuses would be bad (read from the bottom up):

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On the other hand, supporters argue that Bitcoin isn't a bubble and that it offers an alternative to official currencies which are being quantitatively eased into oblivion.

Would you like your deferred bonus paid in Bitcoin?

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