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These are the exciting jobs that Goldman Sachs, JPM, Morgan Stanley, UBS and DB seem unable to fill

Banks want you for these jobs they appear unable to fill

Want a job in a bank? Want a job in bank that no one else seems to want, but which seems to be quite exciting based upon the job description? One way of identifying such jobs is to look at banks' own careers websites and to pull out the positions they've been advertising for six months or more.

We've done this for you and have scoured the sites of Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and UBS to bring you a selection of the exciting jobs they've been advertising for aeons and should be very keen to fill. These jobs are listed below. Don't all apply at once.

(Health warning: our rationale leaves room for less favourable interpretations. A job may have been advertised for ages because the bank has forgotten to pull it down from the website. Alternatively, the bank may be incredibly fussy about who fills the position, or may be advertising the role whimsically to see who comes forward. We asked all the banks mentioned in this article to comment on their long lasting job adverts. They either declined, or didn't respond.)

1. The exciting jobs that Goldman Sachs can't seem to fill 

Goldman Sachs' London office has been advertising a few jobs for nearly a year. It's been looking for an associate in 'finance, market risk management and derivatives analysis' since October 2012. It's been looking for a full time analyst/associate/VP for its fixed income 'strats division', with a PhD, since November last year.

In the US, Goldman has been looking for a VP or associate-level fundamental equity strategist since August 2012. In China, it's been advertising for an investment professional to join its Beijing-based onshore investment team for 19 months.

2. The exciting jobs that JPMorgan can't seem to fill 

JPMorgan is equally guilty of advertising a few jobs for a long time, although none for as long as Goldman Sachs.

Private bankers seem to be JPMorgan's sticking point. It's been looking for a senior private banker to join its Paris-based ultra high net worth team since November 2012. In London, it's been looking for an executive director-level private banker to work in Knightsbridge since January 2013.

JPMorgan has also been looking for a London-based VP in quantitative research since March.

3. The exciting jobs that Morgan Stanley can't seem to fill 

Morgan Stanley has fewer long term job adverts running than Goldman and JPM. However, it's been looking for a London-based fixed income compliance officer and Hungary-based quant developers since May.

4. The exciting jobs that UBS can't seem to fill 

UBS has been looking for a business developer for its Portuguese ultra high net worth business (based in Zurich) since January 2013. It's been looking for a Hong Kong-based ETF salesmen since the same date, and has been searching for a Russian client adviser (based in London) for its ultra high net worth business since November 2012.

Notably, UBS began advertising for a London-based head of litigation in April 2013. This could prove an interesting role if the Financial Conduct Authority's investigation into the manipulation of the FX markets finds UBS at fault.

5. The exciting jobs that DB can't seem to fill 

Finally, if you want a job with Deutsche Bank you can always go to the Philippines. The German bank has been advertising various Philippines-based jobs ('transaction accounting team lead', 'global cross business services operations analyst') since late 2012 or very early 2013.

None of the jobs Deutsche has been advertising for a while look hugely exciting, but it has been looking for a 'generic' Hong Kong relationship manager since March and an institutional client adviser in New York since March.




AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor
  • ra
    23 October 2013


  • Cy
    Cynical Senior Managing Direct
    22 October 2013

    These all certainly appear to be generic, c.v.-trolling adverts. The positions either a) never really existed, or b) have already been filled, and are still being posted in a effort to obtain c.v.s. In the U.S., this is done to meet EEO-standards, as a prophylactic measure against discrimination lawsuits.

    Oh, yes, or c) the H.R. department is lazy, and never pulled the advert.

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