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Career Crunch: Top tips from senior financiers, the hottest university for banking jobs

Cuts are coming at CS

What have you missed in the fast-moving financial jobs sector? Catch up on the hottest banking careers stories of the last seven days.

19 indispensable pieces of career advice from top bankers 

If you make it to the top of your game, you should be able to dispense some pearls of wisdom to others lower down the career ladder. Senior financiers give us their top tips.

Why are students at this top college so particularly prized by banks and hedge funds

Financial services firms love hiring students from this UK university - and it's not Oxford, Cambridge or the London School of Economics.

Confessions of a private banker: ‘This business can eat you up and suck your skull’

Want to know what it's really like working as a private banker - it's definitely not all caviar, bonuses and weekends on luxury yachts.

Meet the keen young analysts hired by Barclays and RBS this year 

The new analysts hired by Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland in 2013 are an unusually bright bunch of straight A students with a long history of financial services experience at a young age.

The stepping stone that gets you out of investment banking

Investment bankers assume they can switch to another part of the financial sector with ease - they can't, and a gradual transition is better. This new niche is attracting more people.

The emerging market still busting to hire Americans and Europeans

More countries are closing off their financial jobs to expats in favour of local candidates, but there's one part of the world where foreigners are still in copious demand.

Dangerous questions to ask when you interview at Barclays, BNP, RBS, UBS and Credit Suisse

If you want to give an honest appraisal of the issues facing the banks you're interviewing with, ask these questions. You will need to be very brave, however.


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